Angel Watch Rescue & Rehome - Meet our "Angels"

The "Angels" of Angel Watch Rescue & Rehome are a group of dedicated volunteers based in Romania, the UK, Holland, Germany and Canada.  All our "Angels" have different skills from rescuing dogs from the streets and shelters, providing foster care for the rescued dogs in Bucharest and Timisoara, personal sponsorship of animals, administration and obtaining pet passports for overseas travel, co-ordinating international transport, arranging homechecks for potential adopters, arranging for emergency vet care when needed, ensuring that all the necessary vaccinations, worming and flea treatments are administered and most importantly organising the much needed fund raising, promotion and awareness to keep the charity going.

All of the Angels are volunteers and have other working and family commitments, as well as their own dogs, so if your query isn't answered immediately please be patient.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

But they do have one thing in common, the love of animals and trying to make a difference wherever it is humanly possible.

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Care Givers (Romania)

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