Angel Watch Rescue & Rehome - Life on the streets for Romania's stray dogs and cats


Something like 2.5 million dogs are currently living as strays in Romania, hungry and ignored, risking injury and death at every turn: road accidents, poisoning, and vicious attacks by thugs. Without a tradition of spaying/neutering dogs in Romania, the population of stray dogs has exploded in recent years. As a result, many tiny puppies sicken and die from terrible diseases like parvo and distemper.

Following draconian government legislation, street dogs are being rounded up by the dreaded dog catchers, who are paid to trap strays and deliver them to the so-called Public Shelters, local government pounds. The dog catchers display sickening cruelty when capturing the dogs, mentally and physically traumatising them. They are also not above stealing dogs from their proper owners, using brute force to remove them if necessary. All of this just to maximise their profits.

The Public Shelters are truly dreadful places - cold, dirty and lacking even basic facilities. Dogs are left without food and water, neglected and mistreated until they sicken and die or are killed by the staff - and euthanasia is a brutal process in Romanian shelters.

It's really no exaggeration to say the life of a Romanian stray is hell on earth. This is why animal lovers in Romania and around the globe have pulled together to try and help as many of these poor innocent victims as possible to reach safety.